Monday, July 30, 2007

Que Hacen los Nopaleros?

Mis Nopales has been pretty busy lately. We are planning to have a few new products ready to update in September. We hope. I have also been working on designing a completely different t-shirt website that will hopefully launch in August. Once that website is ready, I will post it so people can check it out, although it is not related to Mis Nopales. I also plan to soon be back in the "caricatura groove". It's been a while since there was a new Buey y Baboso cartoon on the misnopales animation page but I have a few half completed episodes that I want to finish and post on That website is also undergoing some work. I will also be posting some artwork in the art gallery section of the Mis Nopales website soon. It's actually been 3 years since I've done any real non-T-Shirt related art and I am planning on going back to creating some actual arte soon. I might post some pictures of any art I might create within the next few months. Also check out the Mis Nopales website, we just updated some brand new specials in the Specials section of the website.